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The Film

It was a dream coming true for Meghaa Banerjee, a small town girl in West Bengal, India when she earned a scholarship from the prestigious University of New South Wales in Australia to pursue her Masters degree in Economics. Coming from a conservative middle class background, life and culture in Sydney was an instant eye opener for her. Under guidance of her caring cousin Kalpana fondly called “ Kol ”, Meghaa slowly embraces Sydney where she not only makes new set of friends but also adapts to her new life here. Love and romance was something that was strictly not in her agenda of things. However being young at heart it was just something waiting to happen to her when she met Rohit a fellow student in the University with whom she starts gelling right from the word go. It's love, romance and lots of fun until a fateful day where she must choose between her two worlds. Can her two worlds ever meet? Is there a “happily ever after” in store for her? Find out more in this quirky, emotional and endearing love story spanning across two hemispheres in the entertainment extravaganza called From Sydney with Love.

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Cinematography: Piyush Shah

Edit: Antara Lahiri

Music: Sohail Sen

Lyrics: Anvita Dutt, Kumaar

Sound: Sanjay Maurya, Allwin Rego

Executive Producer: Rajan Vanmali

DI & VFX: Reliance Multimedia

Director & Writer: Prateek Chakravorty

Raj Bakshi
Cool, quirky, obnoxious and extremely filmy, this Mumbai boy studying in Sydney is literally an "all-ROUNDed" personality. Loves to eat and searching for love this family-packed loser-boy, we mean lover-boy, sometimes also referred to as the Human Panda, is all set to make you laugh tll you cry in From Sydney With Love Introduces Himself As : "Raj...naam toh sunaa hi hogaa...aur dialogue bhi !!"-

Rohit Khurana
With a smile that will melt your heart and looks that will make girls go weak in their knees, this Punjabi Prince Charming from Delhi will charm his way into your heart in "From Sydney with Love". Fav Quote : "No Formalities, No Complications, Just Me, you & Sydney"

Lubaina Snyder
Half German, half Desi. This cute bohemian chic is an Indian culture enthusiast and the cutest friend one could ever have. Chairperson of the Bharat club in the University of New South Wales, this cute bohemian chic loves to party and enjoy life to her fullest. Chuckle and smile along with her in From Sydney With Love Fav Bad Word : "Langoor Saala

Meghaa Banerjee
With a heart full of ambitions and an eye filled with dreams, comes this innocent Bengali beauty from Bolpur, a small town in West Bengal, to Sydney for the first time to mesmerize and get mesmerized in "From Sydney with Love"... Most Often Used Word : "Dhatt"

Kalpana Chatterjee
Kolkata born, living in Sydney for the last 15 years, this stylish diva plays the loving host and guardian to her loving little cousin Meghaa. Suave, single ,intelligent, independent, this no nonsense girl represents the modern urban working chic. Let this hot Sydney chic guide you through in From Sydney With Love
Fav Expression : "Like.. Hello !!!"

Suhail Syed
Born in London, raised in Sydney, this rich, flambouyant, narcissistic,good looking hunk is all in love with himself. His passion : fast cars, fast chics and Protein shakes. Obsessed with Superman and considers himself the Superior Man. Trip along with this self obsessed brat in From Sydney With Love Fav Quote : "Cheee...Cheee...Cheee...Cheee..."